2022: Recovery (Johns Hopkins University)
2020 and 2021: Oppressions and Uprisings (Remote – Covid-19 pandemic)
2019: Latitudes (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)
2018: Unfinished Victorians (University of Pennsylvania)
2017: The Question of Victorian Literature (Georgetown)
2016: Victorian Outliers (Rutgers University)
2015: Victorian Accidents (University of Rhode Island)
2014: Victorian Senses (SUNY Stony Brook)
2013: 1874 (Boston University)
2012: Victorian Cliches and Orthodoxies (Columbia University)
2011: Victorian Systems and Archives (University of Maryland)
2010: Fighting Victorians! (Princeton University)
2009: The Victorian Everyday (Wellesley College)
2008: Victorian Underworlds (University of Toronto)
2007: Victorian Cosmopolitanism (Harvard University)
2006: Victorian Fatigue (Drew University)
2005: Victorian Collaboration (American University)
2004: The Sacred and the Profane (Cornell University)
2003: Technologies and the Media in the Nineteenth Century (MIT)
2002: Victorian Origins and Excavations (Queens University, Ontario)
2001: Victorian Nocturnes (Brown University)
2000: Victorian Breakdowns (The Graduate Center, CUNY)
1999: Victorian Memory (Yale University)
1998: Victorian Worlds (Smith College)