1998 Worlds

Victorian Worlds: Anthropologies, Ethnicities, Geographies

Smith College

Friday, April 3

3:00 – 4:30  Local Knowledge

Moderator: Eleni Coundouriotis, U of Connecticut

Patricia O’Hara, Franklin & Marshall C., “Hodge and His Ethnographers: Chronicling the Rural Laborer, 1870-1902”

Donald Ulin, Indiana U., “Tourism and National Identity in Clough’s ‘Long-Vacation Pastoral'”

John P. Farrell, U of Texas at Austin, “Tess of Wessex”


7:30 pm  Guest Speaker, Christopher Herbert, Northwestern U, “Frazer and the Sacredness of the Image”

Saturday, April 4

9:00 -11:00 Nation Formation.

Moderator: Pat Saunders-Evans, Rutgers U.
Colene Bentley, McGill U., “Furthering Citizens’ Dispositions: J.S. Mill and Liberal Nationalism”

Amy Martin, Columbia U., “Thomas Carlyle on “Repeal of the Union”: Theorizing early Victorian Unionism, Irish Nationalism, and Constructions of National Identity”

Tricia Lootens, U of Georgia., “Spanish Gypsies and African-American Intellectuals: Ethnic Nationalism in George Eliot and Frances E. Harper”

Paula M. Krebs, Wheaton C., “Olive Schreiner Invents a South African Race”


1:45-3:15 Ethnologies and Ethologies.

Moderator: Suzy Anger, U of Maryland Baltimore County.

Sandra Rouse, Cambridge U., “Ethnology and Ethnography: A.C. Haddon and the Construction of Anthropological
Knowledge in late Victorian Britain”

Eileen Gillooly, Columbia U., “Charles Darwin: The Parent as Anthropologist”

Jennifer Gerstel, U of Toronto, “Darwin on Gender: From Ethology to Anthropology”


3:30-5:00 Urban Studies.

Moderator: Jonathan Loesberg, American U.

John M. Picker, U of Virginia, “‘Instruments of Torture’: Territories, Identities, and Street Music
in Victorian London.”

Franklin Headley, Columbia U., “Civic Culture, Local Identity, and Museums in Nineteenth-Century Brighton”

Thomas Prasch, Washburn U., “Mirror Images: John Thomson’s Photographic Projects in East Asia and East


7:30 pm  C. John Burk (Smith College),  “Victorian Gardens Lost and Found”

Sunday, April 5

10:30-12:00 There and Back Again.

Moderator: Sarah Gates, Babson C.

Piya Pal Lapinski, Bowling Green State U., “Tropical Ovaries: Obstetrics, Ethnography, and Vampiric Bodies in Tilt,
Braddon, Conan Doyle and Stoker”

Simon Cole, Rutgers U., “The Madness of Sir Francis Galton: The Colonial and Eugenic Origins of
Fingerprint Identification”

Robert Aguirre, Wayne State U., “Carnival and Antiquity: Bullock’s London Museum and the Display of Ancient