2002 Origins and Excavations


NVSA 2002


The Northeast Victorian Studies Association Annual Meeting
– 2002

Queen’s University, Ontario, Canada April 19-21, 2002

Mary Carpenter (Queen’s University), Site Committee Chair

Suzy Anger (University of Maryland, Baltimore County), Program Committee Chair

FRIDAY, April 19


Walter Light Hall foyer, (Union St. near Barrie St.)

or 2:30 Tours
of the Disraeli Project, 1st floor Watson

3:30 Welcome (Walter Light Hall, 205)

3:45-5:15 Art, Authors, and Originality  

Chair: Karen Boiko (MIT)

  • Deb Gettelman (Harvard University): “’A Mouthful of Air’: Dickens, Breath,
    and Spontaneous Generation”
  • M. Daniel Martin (University of Western Ontario): “T. P. Prest, J.M.
    Rymer, and the Spectral Origins of Penny Authorship”
  • Aviva Briefel (Bowdoin College): “Fabricating Origins: Victorian Writings on Art Forgeries”

5:30-7:00 Reception and Viewing at Agnes Etherington Art Collection

7:00 Dinner on your own

9:00 Showing of Zero Patience

SATURDAY, April 20

Registration and Continental Breakfast 
Walter Light Hall foyer, Union St.

 9:30-11:30 Keynote Panel: “Knowing the Past”

Moderated by Terri Hasseler (Bryant College)

  • Chris Bongie (College of William and Mary)
  • Richard Dellamora (Trent University)
  • Kate Flint (Rutgers University)
  • Carolyn Williams (Rutgers University)

11:45-1:30  Business Luncheon–University Club

1:45-3:15 Session A Excavating Sexuality

Chair: Don Ulin (University of Pittsburgh)

  • Catherine A. Wiley (Temple
    University): “’The Growl of a Roused Lion’: J. A. Symonds’s Excavation of
    Lucretius and the Impetus toward Physical Science”
  • Frederick S. Roden
    (University of Connecticut): “Marc-André Raffalovich and Victorian Historicizations of Homosexuality”
  • Vincent A. Lankewish (Penn State University) and Carolyn Williams (Rutgers University): “To Those Who Wait: Patience, Patient Zero, and Zero Patience”

(Sat., April 20,

1:45-3:15 Session BExcavations of History

Chair: Carole Silver (Yeshiva University)

  • Nancy Marck (Daemen College): “George Eliot’s Florentine Research: The Origins of Ethnography and the Search for an
    Authentic Past”
  • John Ulrich (Mansfield University): “Articulating
    the Past: Thomas Carlyle and the ‘Fossil Megatherion’”
  • Meilee D. Bridges (University of Michigan): “’Thou Thing of Years
    Departed’: The Sublimity of the Historical Relic in Felicia Hemans’s ‘The Image
    in Lava’”

Human Sciences

Chair: Vanessa Ryan (Yale

  • Dan Kline (Ohio State University): “A German Language Mutilated:
    Arthur Hugh Clough and the Origins of English”
  • Karen Odden (Independent Scholar): “’So Unspeakable an Inheritance’:
    Grant Allen, Birth Origins and Eugenics”
  • Jill Matus (University of Toronto): “Bulwer-Lytton,
    Dickens and the Sciences of Memory”

5:30-6:30 Cocktails at Four Points Sheraton

6:30-8:30 Banquet at Four Points Sheraton

SUNDAY April 21

8:30-9:30 Continental Breakfast Walter Light Hall foyer

9:00-10:30  Forum on Teaching Victorian Studies: Darwin’s Origin of Species

Moderator: Paula Krebs (Wheaton College)

  • Christopher Keep (University of Western Ontario)
  • Lorraine Jansen Kooistra (Nipissing University)
  • Will Lee (Yeshiva University)
  • George Levine (Rutgers University)

10:45-12:15 – Ruins and Relics

Chair: Tricia Lootens (University of Georgia)

  • Vanessa K. Warne (University of Manitoba): “’See where in great decay yon temple stands’:
    Representations of India as Ruin in Fisher’s Drawing-Room Scrapbook, 1832-1839”
  • Esther T. Hu (Cornell University): “Britain
    and Empire “Imperialist Representations of Landscape in Layard’s Nineveh”
  • U.C. Knoepflmacher (Princeton University): “Unwrapping the Mummy: Embalmed Death or Retrieved Origins?”

12:30 Conference wrap-up

  • Anne Humpherys (City University of New York)
  • Jonah Siegel (Rutgers University)