2006 Fatigue


Victorian Fatigue

The Northeast Victorian Studies Association 2006

Drew University, Madison, New Jersey

April 7-9

FRIDAY, April  7

1:00-3:15 pm Registration (Mead Hall)

3:15 Welcome

3:30-5:00 Melancholia, Neurasthenia, and Entropy (Founders
Room, Mead Hall)

Moderator:  Jonathan Loesberg, American University

Judith Misbach and Henderikus J. Stam, U of Calgary: “Medicalizing
Fatigue in the Course of Psychiatric Professionalization:
The Case of Melancholia”

Sondeep Kandola, U of Leeds: “The Neurasthenic as Critic: Vernon
Lee and Clementina Anstruther-Thomson’s Theory of Psychological

Anne DeWitt, Yale:  “Fatigue as Cosmic Process:
Counteracting the Second Law in Far from the Madding Crowd and Two on
a Tower


5:00-6:30 Cocktail Reception

Dinner on your own

SATURDAY, April 8 (continued)

2:15-3:45  Inertness, World-Weariness, and Frayed
Attention: Poetry on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

Moderator:  Amanda Claubaugh, Columbia

Ulrich Knoepflmacher, Princeton, “The Deadly Yawn: Male
Figures and the Power of Inertness”

Susan Davis, Indiana U, “Amy Levy’s Communion of Fatigue”

Herbert Tucker, U of Virginia, “Overworked, Worked Over: A
Poetics of Fatigue”

4:00-5:45  Enervating Performances and Tiring

Moderator: Adrienne Munich, SUNY Stony Brook

Randall Craig, U of Albany, “World Weary: Caroline Norton and

the Literature of Exhaustion”

Sybil Oldfield, Independent Scholar (UK)  “Nassau John
Senior: A Case-Study of Indolence”

Deirdre David, Temple, “Acting Fatigue: Fanny Kemble and William

Dehn Gilmore, Columbia, “‘Oh How Tired I Was!'”: The
Exhibition, the Sensation Novel, and the Culture of the

6:00–7:00  Cash Bar

7:00-9:30  Banquet and Entertainment

Presentation of the Sonia Rudikoff Prize


8:00-9:00 Registration and Continental Breakfast (Mead Hall)

9:00-10:30  Dickens and Gaskell: Repetition, Strain,
and Mental Exhaustion

Moderator: Barbara Black, Skidmore College

Renee Fox, Princeton: “I Couldn’t Help It!”: Habit,
Repetition, and the Railway in Dombey and Son”

Deb Gettelman, Harvard: “Dickens and the Strain of

Jill Matus, Toronto: “The Language of Languor: Overwhelming
Affect and Mental Exhaustion in North and South”

10:45-12:30 Keynote Panel

Moderator: James Eli Adams, Cornell U

Marina Van Zuylen, Bard College

Jeff Nunokawa, Princeton

George Levine, Rutgers

12:30-2:00 Business Lunch


8:30-9:30 Continental Breakfast

9-10:30 Forum, Teaching the Unteachable

Moderator: Sarah Gates, St. Lawrence U

Herbert Tucker, Virginia

Seth Koven, Villanova

Carolyn Williams, Rutgers

10:45-12:15  Social Ennui and Cultural Fatigue at the
Fin de Siecle

Moderator:  Carol Engelhardt, Wright State U

Gage McWeeny, Williams College: “The Soul of Man Under

Oscar Wilde’s Ephemeral Relations”

Judith Wilt, Boston College: “Rescuing Aristocracy in Orczy’s The
Scarlet Pimpernel
and Ward’s The Marriage of William Ashe

Cheryl Wilson, Indiana U of Pennsylvania: “Getting Tired of the
Victorians in Conrad’s The Secret Agent