2007 Victorian Cosmopolitanism



Harvard University,

March 30th-April 1st


Friday, March 30th12:30-4pm Nineteenth-Century Highlights: Houghton Library mss. & Fogg Museum prints and drawings3:45pm Welcome: Barker Center Rm. 1104:00pm Contagion and the Troubles of the Cosmopolitan Body: Barker Center Rm. 110Tricia Lootens (U of Georgia), Moderator

Christopher Keirstead (Auburn U), “Swinburne, Aestheticism, & the Fleshly School of Cosmopolitanism”

Aaron Worth (Brandeis), “The Cosmopolitan Wire:
Telegraphic Models of Postnationality in Late Victorian Britain”

Mary Wilson Carpenter (Queens U),
“Cosmopolitanizing Cholera: Inside/outside Pathologies in Middlemarch”

5:30-6:30 Reception: Barker Center 6:30 Dinner on your own

Saturday, March 31st 

8:00-9:00am Registration & Continental Breakfast 9-10:45

Keynote Panel: Barker Center Rm. 110 Jonah Siegel (Rutgers), Moderator

Antoinette Burton (U of Illinois)

James Buzard (MIT)

Bruce Robbins (Columbia) 

11:00-12:30pm Cosmopolitan Theories I: Transnational Contexts: Martha Vicinus (U of Michigan), Moderator

Marjorie Stone (Dalhousie U), “Contesting Contemporary

Citizenship Theories: Abolitionist and Risorgimento Politics, Social Justice Networks, and 19th-Century Cosmopolitan Citizenship”

Rachel Buurma (U of Pennsylvania), “Anarchism, Cosmopolitanism, Print Culture”

Carla Peterson (U of Maryland), “‘Cosmopolitan Thieves’: U.S. Black Cosmopolitanism in the Nineteenth Century”

12:30-2:00pm Lunch: Ticknor Lounge, Boylston Hall,
Harvard Yard2:15-3:45pm Cosmopolitan Politics and Poetics: Jason R. Rudy (U of Maryland), ModeratorJulia Saville (U of Illinois), “Cosmopolitan Republicanism in the Poetics of Algernon Charles Swinburne”David Kurnick (Columbia), “Unspeakable Ethnicity in
George Eliot”Beverly Taylor (U of North Carolina), “Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s Cosmopolitanism: ‘Universality Plus Difference’”4:00-5:30pm Session A: Literary Crossings: Jonathan Loesberg (American U), Moderator  

Lisa Fluet (Boston College), “Late James, Early Wells”

Priti Joshi (U of Puget Sound), “John Lang, Cosmopolitanism, and the Uses of the Picturesque”

Katherine Brundan (U of Oregon), “The Cosmopolitan in the Desert: Exile, Colonization, and the Vernacular in Ouida’s Under Two Flags (1867)”

4:00-5:30pm Session B: Portable Cosmopolitanism: Aviva Briefel (Bowdoin), Moderator

Erik Gray (Columbia), “Subjective: Objective; Milton: Shakespeare; Parochial: Cosmopolitan”

Emily Steinlight (Brown), “‘A Regular Polly’: Conspicuous Cosmopolitanism and the Genders of Consumption”

Pamela M. Fletcher (Bowdoin), “Modern Masters and
‘Cheap French Chic’: Cosmopolitanism in the Victorian Art Market”

6:30pm Reception: Society of Fellows Dining Room

7-9:00pm Dinner Banquet: Society of Fellows Dining Room

Sunday, April 1st 8:00-9:00am Breakfast 9:00-10:30am Cosmopolitan Theories II: Colonial Contexts: Seth Koven (Rutgers), Moderator
Tanya Agathocleous (Yale), “From Victorian Print Culture to Postcolonial Theory: Cosmopolitanism’s Serial Transformations”Eddy Kent (U of British Columbia), “Cosmopolitanism, Inc.; or the Painful Manufacture of Imperial Civility”David Wayne Thomas (Notre Dame), “Political Legitimation in Late-Victorian British India: The Higher Journalism and the Ilbert Bill”
10:45am-12:15pm Cosmopolitan Consumption: Barbara Black (Skidmore), ModeratorSarah Felicia Gracombe (Stonehill College), “Consuming Cosmopolitanism in George Du Maurier’s Trilby”Natalie Kapetanios Meir (NYU), “Vicarious Cosmopolitanism: On Becoming a Dining Connoisseur”Ross Forman (Skidmore), “East is Eat: Asian Food and Victorian Cosmopolitanism”